10 Surprising Reasons to Eat More Organic Fruits and Veggies!

Many people know that it may well be better to eat organic foods, if given the choice, rather than conventionally-grown foods.

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Non-organic foods may be laden with all kinds of chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, chemicals which often have been linked to illnesses such as cancer.

But organic food doesn’t hold those hidden dangers.

So let’s look at those facts in a little more detail, shall we?

Here are 10 reasons why you and your loved ones would likely benefit from more organic fruit and veggies in your diet:

10. Eat More Fruit – Get More Beautiful!  Time magazine reported on a  study where people who ate more fruits and vegetables over a six-week period were judged by others to have more attractive skin! Six weeks to a more beautiful you!

9. The Harvard Nurses Study, which followed about 110,000 people for 14 years, found that “Individuals who ate more than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per had roughly a 20 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, compared with individuals who ate less than 3 servings per day.” If you’re like me, and have family members who have died because of heart disease and stroke, those numbers hit home.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says “laboratory studies show that pesticides can cause health problems such as birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and other effects that might occur over a longer period of time.”  So the best, smartest course seems to be to eat organic fruit and vegetables, yes?

8. More organics means less spraying chemicals on workers, making them sick.  Often forgotten are the farm workers who literally are often directly sprayed with these dangerous chemicals from above, as they are working in the fields.  These workers often get sick and face the danger of long-term illness as a result of their exposure to chemical pesticides and herbicides. A report from Californians for Pesticide Reform noted that there were almost 1900 pesticide-related poisonings over the course of four years in just 10 California counties.

7. Even people with a history of heart disease who are already taking medication that is lowering their cholesterol levels and blood pressure will likely see a substantial improvement in their chances of avoiding further heart problems if they also  consume a heart-healthy diet, including frequent portions of fruits and vegetables, including a stunning 35 percent reduction in risk for cardiovascular death, according to a December 2012 study published in the journal Circulation.

6. For overweight women,  munching on leafy greens and and dark yellow vegetables reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to another Harvard study.

5. Eating apples and pears could reduce your stroke risk by 52%, according to a Dutch study of more than 20,000 people.

4. If you want the full benefit of fruits and vegetables, eat organic.  Why?  Because studies have often found that organic produce contains higher levels of antioxidants (you know, antioxidants are good stuff inside fruits and veggies that helps your body stay feeling young longer) than conventionally-grown produce.  For example, “organically grown spinach contained 120 percent higher antioxidant activity while Welsh onion, Chinese cabbage and qing-gen-cai contained 20-50 percent higher antioxidant activity compared to their conventionally grown counterparts,” according to a study quoted in this review from the University of California at Davis.

3. More organics = cleaner drinking water.  Organic farming leads to less nitrogen pollution of water versus conventional farming, and increased levels of nitrates in drinking water drinking water “may also lead to serious health risks particularly for pregnant women and infants,” according to this European Commission report.

2. Pesticides are dangerous.  As Karen Levy notes in an op-ed at the Huffington Post, “Exposure to the nearly 1,400 pesticides registered by the Environmental Protection Agency has been linked to at least 13 different types of cancers. Pesticide exposure is also associated with ADHDlower IQ,neurodevelopmental deficits and changes in brain structure. Organophosphates, some of the most commonly used pesticides, are by design toxic to nervous systems, in order to kill pests. But that design unfortunately also harms our own bodies.”

1. Want to be the happiest you can be?  Eat about 7 fruits and vegetables a day.  A U.S./British study found that people who ate that much were happier than people who ate less.  Eat apples (and other fruits and veggies), be happy!

So don’t worry, be happy, be healthy, be responsible, and eat organic fruits and veggies today!


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4 Responses to 10 Surprising Reasons to Eat More Organic Fruits and Veggies!

  1. J. Dahne says:

    This article is very interesting. But it leaves out a very important perspective. As I’ve written about on our fruitbasketsofny.com/blog, American culture is pushing people to eat Twinkies and Hostess cupcakes and to drink gallons of soda. And any movement towards fruit is likely going to be much better than that, even if the fruit was grown using pesticides and herbicides. After all, as the New York Times wrote, “Stanford University scientists … concluded that fruits and vegetables labeled organic were, on average, no more nutritious than their conventional counterparts, which tend to be far less expensive.”

    So in these times when people are continuously gaining weight – almost 40% of Americans are overweight – see figures from the Centers for Disease Control at http://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html – and this obesity is connected with higher rates of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer – by buying fruit – any fruit – and munching on it, we’re not just making a dietary choice, we’re making a revolution for good health!

    So check out more info and feel free to buy your fruit baskets with us at Fruit Baskets and Flowers of New York. We have a passion for fruit and a wide selection of fruit baskets available. Call us at (718) 953-0800 or visit us online at fruitbasketsofny.com.

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  4. […] we discuss organic versus conventional fruits and vegetables. Some people and articles like this one emphasize the risks of non-organic fruits and vegetables, but they treat all conventional produce as […]

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